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Overnight Sequencing Service



Mix2Seq Kit NightXpress 

Drop samples today, receive results next day until noon.

With the Mix2Seq Kit NXP you buy:

  • 96 barcoded tubes in a rack
  • A cap pad with 96 blue tube lids 
  • 96 prepaid sequencing reactions
  • Overnight sequencing service

PlateSeq Kit Mix NightXpress

PlateSeq Kit for sequencing premixed samples over night

With the PlateSeq Kit Mix NXP you buy:

  • 96 sequencing reactions over night
  • A labelled black PCR plate
  • Twelve 8-cap strips for sealing
  • Shipped in our plate sample box

All PlateSeq Kits include a 96 well FrameStar® PCR plate. FrameStar® is covered by one or more of the following US patents or their foreign counterparts, owned by Eppendorf AG: US Patent Nos. 7,347, 977 and 6,340,589. FrameStar® is a registered trademark owned by 4titude® Ltd.

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