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Get 20% MORE barcodes, kits & coupons
and boost your project and research!


Pick up speed on your project and research with our special prepaid
DNA & RNA sequencing deals for Sanger sequencing and next-generation sequencing (NGS).


Our end-of-year promotion starts this year at 1st September
and you will get 20% MORE prepaid DNA & RNA sequencing services*1.


Use the promo code “EOY2021” for your order!

Sanger sequencing solutions

Get 20% MORE Sanger sequencing services, when ordering a minimum of 100 labels/barcodes or 5 kits/barcodes, respectively.

E.g. order 100 barcodes and get 120 barcodes. Order 5 kits and get 6 kits.

TubeSeq Labels

Fastest DNA sequencing for all types of sample material. Results available next day.


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SupremeRun Tube Barcodes

Supreme Sanger sequencing of your plasmids or PCR fragments. Choose it for the most difficult templates.

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LightRun Tube Barcodes (incl. NightXpress)

Light-speed sequencing of purified plasmids or PCR fragments premixed with primer.

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Mix2Seq Kits (incl. NightXpress)

96 barcoded tubes for convenient Sanger sequencing of purified plasmids or PCR fragments premixed with primer.

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PlateSeq Kits

Up to 96 sequencing reactions for premixed samples, purified DNA, crude PCR products, or bacterial clones.

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PlateSeq Coupons

Digital PlateSeq Coupons to prepay additional reads for any PlateSeq Kit.

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LightRun 96 Barcodes

96 barcodes for high quality Sanger sequencing of DNA samples premixed with primer.

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SupremeRun 96 Barcodes

96 prepaid barcodes for plasmid and PCR fragment sequencing. Results are delivered next business day.

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LightRun 384 Echo Plate

Prepaid 384 well plate for fully automated light-speed sequencing of 384 samples premixed with primer.

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Next generation sequencing coupons

Get 20% MORE next generation sequencing services, when ordering a minimum of 20 Coupons.

E.g. order 20 coupons and get 24 coupons.

Microbiome Coupon

For identification and classification of the microbial community in a wide variety of environmental, food or clinical samples. 

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Microbiome BioIT Coupon

Bioinformatics analysis of your microbiome sequencing data with comprehensive data analysis report.

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NovaSeq Sample Pack Coupon

For sequencing on the NovaSeq 6000 platform with one library prep and 5M read pairs.

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NovaSeq Coverage Pack Coupon

As add-on sequencing package with 5M extra read pairs on the NovaSeq 6000 platform.

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MiSeq Sample Pack Coupon

For sequencing of one amplicon library on the MiSeq platform with 60k read pairs (2x300 bp).

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Bioinformatics Analysis Coupon

Bio-IT analysis for all of our NGS services except microbiome analysis.

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How to redeem the promo code “EOY2021”


Enter the promo code “EOY2021” in the promotion code field at your last checkout step.



*1 The promotion is valid from 01.09.2021 - 31.12.2021. Minimum order volume: 100 TubeSeq Labels, Supreme Run Barcodes, LightRun Tube Barcodes, LightRun NXP Barcodes, PlateSeq Coupons, and 5 Mix2Seq Kits, PlateSeq Kits, LightRun 96 Barcodes, SupremeRun 96 Barcodes, LightRun 384 Echo Plate, and minimum order of 20 NGS Prepaid Coupons. Ordering uneven numbers (not dividable by) will lead to the on top addition of the last even number. Example: Order 201 barcode labels and get 40 labels extra. To redeem this offer the promotion codes must be entered in the promo code field online at the time of ordering. The promotion code is only valid once. Promotion may not be applied to orders after they have been confirmed. Promotion is not valid for orders placed by fax or email. This promotion cannot be combined with other discounts.






This is how we do it

Providing NightXpress and Express services and products requires expertise, coordination, agility and a fast shipping cooperation partner.

Our dedicated teams of genomics experts in the Eurofins Genomics labs ensure the highest quality sequencing and primer and gene synthesis for our customers.

The Eurofins Genomics shipping departments and our cooperation partner UPS with its extensive and highly-established shipping network ensure safe sample collection and delivery of primers and genes.

Quality is important for us

We are committed to delivering products and services that are of the highest quality. Eurofins Genomics products and services are carried out under strict Quality Management (QM) and Quality Assurance (QA) Systems.
More details can be found here.



We send with UPS

Our products are shipped with our shipping partner UPS.


We are certified

Certified according to ISO 17025.


We value feedback

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“Excellent turnaround time: from tube to results in less than 24 hours!”

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