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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

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Do I always need a genomic reference sequence?

In case you order your NGS project with bioinformatic analysis (in this case: genome variant detection), then a reference genome is required.

Typically, a clearly defined Ensembl name for the annotated genomic reference sequence has to be provided before the project starts. Another option is to provide the genome sequence in Fasta format (along with the respective annotation in Gene transfer format (gtf)) or in GenBank format (including annotation).

What kind of quality control do you perform?

The quality and quantity of each sample is determined by appropriate methods (e.g. agarose gel analysis / Qubit® Fluorometer / NanoDrop / Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer). Further quality controls are performed at nearly all steps of the process.

What should I do if my sample fails the entry QC?

If the amount, concentration or quality of the starting material does not meet the requirements for further sample processing, we will contact you to discuss how to go on with the project. If possible, Eurofins Genomics will make recommendation son how to optimise sample quality.

Can I use the results for diagnostic purposes?

Yes, upon request, the service can be carried out under diagnostic conditions with ISO17025 certified workflows.

Where do I get my results and in which form are they delivered?

All raw data (FAST-Q files) as well as the analysed data can be downloaded via your secure online account.

Where should I send my samples?

Eurofins Genomics Europe Sequencing GmbH
Jakob-Stadler-Platz 7
78467 Konstanz

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