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Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Gene Synthesis & Molecular Biology

Sanger Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing

Genotyping & Gene Expression

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Synthetic genes & GeneStrands



The universal key in molecular biology.










Expression improvement in heterologous systems

  • Codon usage adaptation
  • Promoter and enhancer elements


Cloning applications

  • Subcloning
  • cDNA cloning
  • qPCR and PCR standards


Optimisation of constructs

  • Introduction/removal of good and bad motifs
  • Construction of hybrid genes
  • Screening for improved properties of proteins

Unbeatable prices - from only €59


  • Our GeneStrands can be ordered from as low as €59
  • Receive your cloned and 100% sequence verified gene from only €99
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Product Overview & Selected Publications


Choose your right product

Depending on the length and complexity of a gene or project we offer different categories of synthetic genes.


Standard genes

Standard genes are defined by the following criteria:

  • Moderate GC content (35-75%)
  • No extensive repeats (>25 bp) or critical hairpin structures
  • No extensive homopolymer stretches (>18 bp)


Complex genes

If any of the following descriptions below match your request, our service category complex genes would be most suitable for you:

  • Consultation included
  • Extreme GC content (very high or low)
  • Long repeats or secondary structures are part of the gene


Express genes

Express genes are availabe from only 4 days and are defined by the following criteria:

  • Standard Genes only
  • In-house standard vector & miniprep scale
  • Order must be placed before 2 p.m.



GeneStrands are a cost-efficient alternative for short genes with no complexities:

  • Delivery time: starting from 5 working days
  • GeneStrands lengths: 20 - 2000 bp
  • Delivered as linear, double-stranded DNA fragments


Combinatorial library

Choose Gene Evolution libraries for screening projects to improve the properties of your protein of interest. We offer the following services:

  • Mutations in single positions
  • Mutations in multiple positions
  • Mutations within specific domains
  • Random substitution


Selected Publications using our gene synthesis service


Slala: Anlallaal



SARS-CoV-2 research: Anna et. al., High seroprevalence but short‐lived immune response to SARS‐CoV‐2 infection in Paris

Gene synthesis: Marusic, et al., The expression in plants of an engineered VP2 protein of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus induces formation of structurally heterogeneous particles that protect from a very virulent viral strain

Gene synthesis: Wang, et al., A glycoengineered antigen exploiting a conserved protein O-glycosylation pathway in the Burkholderia genus for detection of glanders infections



Gene synthesis: Wong T.S., Tee K.L. (2020) Gene Cloning. In: A Practical Guide to Protein Engineering. Learning Materials in Biosciences. Springer, Cham

SARS-CoV-2 research: Ruiz-Arrondo., et al., Detection of SARS‐CoV‐2 in pets living with COVID‐19 owners diagnosed during the COVID‐19 lockdown in Spain: A case of an asymptomatic cat with SARS‐CoV‐2 in Europe

Gene synthesis: Ferrari et al., The allergen Mus m 1.0102: Cysteine residues and molecular allergology, Molecular Immunology

Gene synthesis: Fernandes et al., The dimerisable Cre recombinase allows conditional genome editing in the mosquito stages of Plasmodium berghei



Gene synthesis: Abu-Halima M., et al., Differential expression of miR-23a/b-3p and its target genes in male patients with subfertility

Gene synthesis: Johari Y. B., et al., CHO genome mining for synthetic promotor design,

Gene synthesis: Sota M., et al., Efficient transposition of Tn4556 by alterations in inverted repeats using a delivery vector carrying a counter-selectable marker for Streptomyces

Gene synthesis: Jimmy S., et al., Discovery of small alarmone synthetases and their inhibitors as toxin-antitoxin loci

Gene synthesis: Liu J., et al., Polychromatic solar energy conversion in pigment-protein chimeras that unite the two kingdoms of (bacterio)chlorophyll-based photosynthesis

Gene synthesis: Tebo AG., et al., A plit fluorescent reporter with rapid and reversible complementation

Gene synthesis - with sequence optimisation: Kaniusaite, M. et al., A proof-reading mechanism for non-proteinogenic amino acid incorporation into glycopeptide antibiotics



Gene synthesis: Jaubert, C. et al., RNA synthesis is modulated by G-quadruplex formation in Hepatitis C virus negative RNA strand

Gene synthesis: Fusco, F. A. et al., Biochemical charaterization of a thermostable endomannanase / endoglucanase from Dictyoglomus turgidum

Gene synthesis: Bernardini A. et al., The phosphorylatable Ser320 of NF-YA is involved in DNA binding of the NF-Y trimer

Gene synthesis: Amiri, M. M. et al., Hersintuzumab: A novel humanized anti-HER2 monoclonal antibody induces potent tumor growth inhibition

Gene synthesis: Fathi, S. et al., Design and construction of a new recombinant fusion protein (2b2t+EPC1) and its assessment for serodiagnosis of cystic echinococcosis

Gene synthesis: Brenner, N. et al., Validation of Multiplex Serology detecting human herpesviruses 1-5

Gene synthesis: Nolvak, H. et al., Reduction of antibiotic resistome and integron-integrase genes in laboratory scale photobioreactors treating municipal wastewater

Gene synthesis: Chow J., et al., The Thaumarchaeon N. gargensis carries functional bioABD genes and has a promiscuous E. coli deltabioH-complementing esterase EstN1



Gene synthesis: Le, T, M. et al., Vectors for Expression of Signal Peptide-Dependent Proteins in Baculovirus/Insect Cell Systems and Their Application to Expression and Purification of the High-Affinity Immunoglobulin Gamma Fc Receptor I in Complex with Its Gamma Chain.

Gene synthesis: Mekonnen S. et al., O-5S quantitative real-time PCR: a new diagnostic tool for laboratory confirmation of human onchocerciasis

Gene synthesis: Wingen, M. et al., Novel Thermostable Flavin‐binding Fluorescent Proteins from Thermophilic Organisms



Gene synthesis: Nolvak H., et al., Inorganic and organic fertilizers impact the abundance and proportion of antibiotic resistance and integron-integrase genes in agricultural grassland soil

Gene synthesis: Whitten MM., et al., Symbiont-mediated RNA interference in insects

Gene synthesis: Ohno M., et al., Acidic mammalian chitinase is a proteases-resistant glycosidase in mouse digestive system

Gene synthesis: Hoshiba T., Decellularized matrices as in vitro models of extracellular matrix in tumor tissues at different malignant levels: Mechanism of 5-fluorouracil resistance in colorectal tumor cells

Gene synthesis: Turner K.B., et al., Next-Generation Sequencing of a Single Domain Antibody Repertoire Reveals Quality of Phage Display Selected Candidates

Gene synthesis: Sudo Y., et al., Functional and Photochemical Characterization of a Light‐Driven Proton Pump from the Gammaproteobacterium Pantoea vagans

Gene synthesis: Scorsone E., et al., Major Urinary Proteins on Nanodiamond-Based Resonators Toward Artificial Olfaction



Gene synthesis: Brieke, C. et al., Rapid access to glycopeptide antibiotic precursor peptides coupled with cytochrome P450-mediated catalysis: towards a biomimetic synthesis of glycopeptide antibiotics. Organic & biomolecular chemistry

Gene synthesis: Takeishi, R. et al., Epimerization at C-3′′ in Butirosin Biosynthesis by an NAD+-Dependent Dehydrogenase BtrE and an NADPH-Dependent Reductase BtrF. ChemBioChem

Gene synthesis: Otte, J. et al., Malonic semialdehyde reductase from the Archaeon Nitrosopumilus maritimus is involved in the autotrophic 3-hydroxypropionate/4-hydroxybutyrate cycle. Aem.ASM



Gene synthesis: Buettner, K. et al., Protein surface charge of trypsinogen changes its activation pattern. BMC biotechnology 14(1)

Gene synthesis: Chiwata, R. et al., None of the Rotor Residues of F 1-ATPase Are Essential for Torque Generation. Biophysical journal 106(10)

Gene synthesis: Holmberg, M. et al., A versatile bacterial expression vector designed for single-step cloning of multiple DNA fragments using homologous recombination. Protein expression and purification 98

Gene synthesis: Dietz O. et al., Characterization of the small exported Plasmodium falciparum membrane protein SEMP1. PLOS ONE 9(7): e103272

Gene synthesis: Canali E. et al., A high-performance thioredoxin-based scaffold for peptide immunogen construction: proof-of-concept testing with a human papillomavirus epitope. Nature Scientific Reports 4(4729)



Gene synthesis: Mueller W. et al., Hierarchical organization of multi-site phosphorylation at the CXCR4 C Terminus, PLOS ONE 8(5): e64975

Gene synthesis:
Van Noort, V., Bradatsch, B., Arumugam, M., Amlacher, S et al., Consistent mutational paths predict eukaryotic thermostability. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 13(1), 7



Gene synthesis: Carciofi M. et al. Concerted suppression of all starch branching enzyme genes in barely produces amylose-only starch granules. BMC Plant Biology 2012, 12:223

Gene synthesis: Lejonklou M. et al. Accelerated Proliferation and Differential Global Gene Expression in Pancreatic Islets of Five-Week-Old Heterozygous Men1 Mice: Men1 Is a Haploinsufficient Suppressor. Endocrinology April 2012 (Genes purchase/synthesis: kinase complex-associated protein (Ikbkap)

Gene synthesis: Ritari J. et al. Detection of Human Papillomaviruses by Polymerase Chain Reaction and Ligation Reaction on Universal Microarray. PLoS ONE 7(3): e34211. (HPV sequences were synthesised and cloned into plasmid vector)


Gene synthesis: Weber E. et al. Assembly of Designer TAL Effectors by Golden Gate Cloning. PLoS ONE 6(5): e19722

Gene synthesis: Gays F. et al. Comprehensive Analysis of Transcript Start Sites in Ly49 Genes Reveals an Unexpected Relationship with Gene Function and a Lack Of Upstream Promoters. PLoS ONE 6(3): e18475.













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