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Eurofins Genomics and
GATC Biotech proudly present...

...their joint advent calendar. Just open
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Great Discounts On Oligos Optimised For Your Application

  • 20 % on qPCR Primers & Probes
  • 35 % on Cloning Oligos & EXTREmers
  • 25 % on SeqPrimer & NGSgrade Oligos

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Best Prices for Prepaid Sequencing Services

Benefit from our end-of-year promotion for

  • TubeSeq Labels
  • PlateSeq Kits
  • Mix2Seq Kits

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Pharma & Diagnostics

Benefit from our highest quality standards! Learn more about our genetic applications for the pharmaceutical industry and for clinical trials >> MORE


Agriculture & Food

Back on the right horse and get the cream of the crop! Discover our applied food testing and dedicated agrigenomics solutions >> MORE


Industrial Biotechnology

We serve all flavours! Applied services for optimisation of production strains, organisms, processes and products. Plus environmental testing.   >> MORE



Compare us to other service providers! Be inspired by our unique combination of technologies and applications available at our DNA campus! >> MORE


EVOcard Prepayment


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Quality Assurance

Discover a unique spectrum of DNA analytical products and services that are compliant with globally recognised standards: 

ISO 9001 - ISO 17025 - ISO 13485 - GLP - GCP - cGMP

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