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Express Genes



Only 4 days up to 1000 bp!


Order before 2 p.m. CET and we ship your Express Genes in as little as four business days.









Specifications for Express Genes:

  • Miniprep scale only
  • Valid for standard genes with moderate GC content (35-75%), without extensive homopolymer stretches (> 18 bp) and without extensive repeats (> 25 bp) or hairpin structures

Turnaround times

  • 4 days: Genes up to 1000 bp, with no minimum base-pair count
  • 6 days: Genes between 1001 - 1500 bp
  • 7 days: Genes between 1501 - 2000 bp
  • 11 days: Genes between 2001 - 3000 bp
  • 13 days: Genes between 3001 - 4000 bp

Additional Information


Features available for Express Genes:

  • Free codon optimisation with our proprietary software GENEius
  • Secure ordering, tracking and storage of your data in our Ecom shop
  • Free quality report including detailed project specifications, complete plasmid description, restriction map and DNA sequence information
  • Strict confidentiality for every project
  • Express subcloning (see details below)









Product Overview & Selected Publications


Express Subcloning

Vector of your choice

Subcloning in only 4 days!

For express genes it is possible to order express subloning in a vector of your choice.


  • Only in combination with an express gene
  • Turnaround time: 4 additional working days
    (genes < 1000 bp; in total 8 days)
    (genes > 1000 bp in total 10/11/15/17 days)
  • A selection of various vectors is available in our online shop, Ecom

Please note:

  • Only unmodified commercially available vectors up to 7kb with Ampicillin or Kanamycin selection marker can be used.
  • Please provide at least 3 ug with ratio (260/280) 1.7 to 1.9 in solution (conc. ~200ng/ul).
  • The vector should be labeled with name of the plasmid, volume and concentration.
  • Please email the complete sequence of the vector as text file to following email address: genes-eu[at]eurofins.com.
  • Vector DNA and sequence must be available at the latest two days after the order date. If possible please provide the tracking number for the shipment.
  • Please note that subcloning can only be performed via two different sticky end restriction sites.
  • Restriction sites must be located at least 6 bp apart from each other.
  • Please use a padded envelope, clearly state the order number, and send your vector to:

    Eurofins Genomics
    Attn.: Franziska Scherbel
    Anzinger Strasse 7a
    85560 Ebersberg


Delivery time

Please note:

The order must be placed before 2 p.m. CET. For orders placed after 2 p.m. the TAT period begins on the following day.

4-/6-/7-/11-/13-days means business days (Monday - Friday, excluding all public holidays at our facility in Ebersberg, Germany).

An additional express fee will be charged. If, against all expectations, we do not ship your gene on day 4/6/7/11/13, then no express fee will be applied.












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