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Our proprietary software GENEius optimises and adapts amino acid or DNA sequences.










The adaptation of the codon usage of cloned DNA fragments is of capital importance for optimum gene expression.  


Generally, codon optimisation can improve gene expression in heterologous expression systems. The main functionalities are:

  • Avoidance of rare codons of the expressing organism
  • Usage of codons with high frequencies based on the selected organism
  • Removal of unwanted motifs or secondary structures like repeat or hairpin structures
  • Even out the distribution of G and C bases


Test our GENEius with GENEius light


Please use this light version only to get an idea how GENEius is working; the full version for GENEius is connected to our Gene Synthesis Wizard in Ecom, and only the Wizard should be used for optimisation of your genes.


>>> GENEius light









Product Details


Benefits of GENEius

What are the benefits of using GENEius in gene design?


GENEius is an optimisation software that offers a vast amount of advantages:


  • Sophisticated codon usage adaptation and sequence optimisation (see below)
  • Secure data transfer
  • Fast and easy ordering
  • Convenient quote request or submission of quotes
  • Tracking of orders
  • Order or quote history
  • Individual project design


The GENEius software is integrated in our Ecom ordering system for synthetic genes. Just visit our Ecom and type in your sequence to profit from all these advantages. Order your gene now.


Sequence Optimisation

The beauty studio for genes


Nobody is perfect. With GENEius your synthetic genes will be.


Natural genes often contain bad motifs, like hairpins, that restrict the usability of the gene. Removal of bad motifs helps you to avoid ugly problems like poor PCR performance.


The optimisation software GENEius improves the properties of your genes to enhance expression and usability. Furthermore, flaws are removed and good motifs like new restriction sites are introduced in the gene. A list of good and bad motifs is available below:

Good motifs

  • Equal distribution of G's and C's
  • Useful restriction sites
  • Insert motifs for downstream applications


Bad motifs

  • Unwanted restriction sites
  • Artificial splice sites
  • Potential transcription factor binding sites
  • Premature polyadenylation signals
  • Inverted repeats or hairpins

Try out our GENEius software. Since it is integrated in our Ecom shop, you can easily profit from all advantages by simply ordering a gene.


Codon Usage Adaptation

More possibilities than atoms in the universe


If you want to draw the DNA sequence of a protein with 881 amino acids, you will end up with 2x 10420 possibilities to do so (calculating with an average number of 3 triplets per amino acid). We estimate the total number of atoms in the universe to be around 1080. So why has nature chosen the mRNA to encode amino acids?


At this stage we cannot supply the answer to this question. But what we definitely know is that codon bias exists. That means that different codons are unequally used in different organisms since varying amounts of individual mRNA's are available.


This codon bias often leads to low expression rates if you transfect your gene of interest in another organism.

How does it work?

  1. GENEius assembles the DNA sequence randomly and compares the results to an input codon usage table
  2. GENEius harmonises the used codons - frequently used codons are used more often in the resulting gene sequence than less frequently used codons
  3. GENEius avoids very rare codons
  4. GENEius also checks for bad motifs (see section sequence optimisation)
  5. GENEius uses a specific algorithm to determine the optimal sequence. Each optimisation step leads to a new DNA sequence.

Try our GENEius system. Since it is integrated in our Ecom shop, you can easily profit from all the advantages each time you order a gene.



Example for codon usage adaption

See the two codon usage tables here:

In a human gene the amino acid arginine is mainly encoded by cgc and cgt (left column, click to enlarge). If E.coli is used  as a host organism for gene expression, the unmodified human sequence will only yield minor amounts of proteins. This small yield reflects the limited number of tRNA available to translate the codons into the respective amino acid sequence.

A vast amount of tRNAs are available if you optimise the codon usage - or better adapt the sequence of the template of origin to the host organism. Using our example above, preferably selecting cgg, aga and agg codons instead will ensure there are sufficient amounts of tRNAs to produce high protein yields.

Small effects make a big difference. The right balance in the codon usage of the host and the original organism's genome is critical for successful gene expression.

GENEius meets Ecom

The online travel agency


Planning holidays a decade ago was labour intensive and needed consultation. Nowadays, you can simply use an online portal to enter your preferences and receive the optimal holiday locations.


GENEius is the online solution for fast and efficient ordering of synthetic genes. Conveniently enter your gene sequence in our Ecommerce system (Ecom) and GENEius will calculate the best possible sequence for your final expression vector. The integration of GENEius in the online shop creates a feature which allows the direct comparison of original and optimised sequence during the ordering process.


The unique combination of GENEius and our Ecom system offers several advantages:


  • Sophisticated codon usage adaptation and sequence optimisation
  • Secure data transfer
  • Fast and easy ordering
  • Convenient quote request and quote submission
  • Order or quote tracking and order history
  • Individual project request













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