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Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Gene Synthesis & Molecular Biology

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Synthetic genes



Free online sequence optimisation.


Place your order and get your standard genes up to 1000 bp produced in about 6 business days.










  • Standard genes are available in any length with moderate GC content (35-75%), without extensive repeats (>25bp) or critical hairpin structures and without extensive homopolymer stretches (>18bp).

  • Free Sequence Optimisation. You also have the possibility to optimise your sequence using GENEius, our optimisation software.

  • Great Prices. 100% sequence verified and cloned genes (150 - 300 bp) are available from €99 / £90. See all details here






  • Subcloning in any vector of your choice can easily selected during the ordering process.

  • Turnaround times (TAT) depend on the length of the gene. All standard genes up to 1000 bp subcloned in our in-house standard vectors with miniprep scale are shipped on average 6 days after you place the order. All TAT’s can be found in our FAQ section.

  • Our experts can do more than that. For all you Complex Genes a special workflows is applied to finish these genes also as fast as possible. >> Learn more.








Synthesis Workflow & Additional Services


The processing of your genes

Expert consultation (upon request)

We recommend our expert advice if your sequence template shows a high level of difficulties such as complex genes that contain many hairpins, repeats or other critical structures.


Sequence optimisation (upon request)

Using our proprietary software GENEius, the supplied amino acid or DNA sequences are optimised and adapted, e.g. for codon usage to any other organism. GENEius prevents direct or inverted repeats and hairpins and facilitates the distribution of G‘s and C‘s. Even the incorporation of "good motifs" is easily achieved with the GENEius software. Try our GENEius lightand discover what our optimisation software can do for you.


Experimental design

After submission of your desired sequence, we start the experimental design step. This is achieved by dividing the gene in overlapping oligonucleotides for gene synthesis by using GENEius.


Oligonucleotide synthesis

After design, the oligonucleotide synthesis phase begins. Our oligonucleotide synthesis facility - with more than 25 years of experience - guarantees highest quality and fast turnaround times.


Gene synthesis

Our gene synthesis lab is closely linked to the oligonucleotide production. The lab is the perfect combination of robotics and human know how. Aside from automation, our project managers, ensure best practise project layouts and stay in close touch with you if any question arise.



Based on your individual needs, your gene can be subcloned into one of our standard vectors or into any other vector of choice.

The standard vector maps can be found here. We use "a" high copy cloning vector with either ampicillin or kanamycin resistance.

More details about different vector options can be found under Prep Options & Subcloning.


Quality control

Quality that you can count on: our in-house sequencing facility guarantees 100% accuracy of your synthetic gene by double-strand DNA sequencing.


Delivery & plasmid preparation

For plasmid DNA preparation, a non manual mini-prep is generally performed free of charge as a standard procedure.
For higher yields, just order one of our plasmid preps yielding up to 10mg of your plasmid.
Endotoxin-free preparation for mega and giga scales are also available. Read more about our options for plasmid preparation in Prep Options & Subcloning



We provide you with a quality assurance report and a delivery note after your synthetic gene has been synthesised via Ecom, our online ordering system: The quality assurance report contains:

  • Detailed project specifications
  • Complete plasmid description
  • Restriction map
  • DNA sequence information

Strict confidentiality is ensured by every project. The high quality of our service is overseen by a professional quality management. We are accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025 and certified according to DIN EN ISO 13285 and GLP.

Prep Options & Subcloning

With our gene synthesis service, we offer a wide range of plasmid preparation scales and different options for your cloning vector.



Choose from several options for your cloning vector:

  • Eurofins Genomics standard vector - for free -
  • Send us your personal vector

Your gene is normally cloned in a standard vector for free. This vector contains either ampicillin or kanamycin resistance.


Plasmid Preparation

  • Mini prep scale: 1-10µg plasmid DNA - for free -
  • Midi prep scale: 15-50µg plasmid DNA
  • Maxi prep scale: 100-500µg plasmid DNA
  • Mega prep scale: 500µg-2.5mg plasmid DNA
  • Giga prep scale: up to 10 mg plasmid DNA

You receive a free DNA mini prep that is carried out automatically on our robots. If the amount of DNA is insufficient, you can choose one of the scales above.

If you order either the mega or giga prep's, an endotoxin-free preparation procedure is available. For maxi prep scale Animal-free production is available.


Additional services

Linearisation of your gene

Linearisation of your gene is offered in combination with Midi and Maxi prep scales.

Completion of the digest will be checked via Agarose gel analysis. Some undigested plasmid might still be present in the final reaction.
For linearised mini- and midiprep plasmids the heat-inactivated digest reaction will be shipped.
Extra purification via spun columns for Mini or Midi preps is possible on request.
If the enzyme cannot be heat-inactivated additional spun column purification is available on request.
For Maxiprep alcohol precipitation is available. Shipment of pellet or linearised plasmid in solution is possible.

The standard service is available with the following enzymes: EcoR1, Nhe1, Not1, SacI, SaII, ScaI, XbaI, XhoI. Other enzymes are possible, but Eurofins will have to check if those enzyme can be made available free of charge. In some cases where Eurofins has to buy the enzyme, the enzyme price will have to be charged additionally.















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Quality is important for us

Our products and services are produced and performed under strict quality management and quality assurance systems.

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