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TubeSeq Lables & TubeSeq Coupons

TubeSeq Labels and TubeSeq Coupons are the prepaid options for the TubeSeq Service

TubeSeq Labels are printed barcode labels to to identify your sample and to pay for the sequencing reaction. TubeSeq Coupons are electronically created codes to pay additional reactions.  

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If you need primer barcodes for your enclosed primers, please click here!


TubeSeq Labels 

TubeSeq Labels are prepaid barcode labels for the TubeSeq Service 

They can be used

  • to identify your sample tubes
  • to pay your sequencing reactions

TubeSeq Labels are available in any quantity from 50 labels.


TubeSeq Coupons

TubeSeq Coupons are virtual codes for the TubeSeq Service 

TubeSeq Coupons are provided electronically.

They can be used to pay additional reactions for the TubeSeq Service.

TubeSeq Coupons are available in any quantity from 10 codes.



You receive a single invoice for all purchased TubeSeq Labels and TubeSeq Coupons and no further invoices for future TubeSeq Service orders.