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Barcode Labels For Samples & Primers in Tubes and Plates

Easy ordering - easy labelling - easy tracking

Tube and Plate Barcode Labels allow error free labelling of your sequencing samples and primers in tubes and plates and ensure a smooth lab process.

The barcode labels are available free of charge.



Tube Labels for the Eurofins Services

Non-prepaid barcodes for labelling sample and primer tubes for the Eurofins Services.

They should be used for 

  • Labelling sample tubes 
  • Labelling enclosed primer tubes

Plate Labels for the PlateSeq Service

Non-prepaid barcodes for labelling your own 96well plates for the Eurofins PlateSeq Service.

They should be used for 

  • Labelling your own 96well sample plates

Primer Barcodes for the SupremeRun

Free barcode labels for labelling enclosed primer tubes for the SupremeRun services.




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