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Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Gene Synthesis & Molecular Biology

Sanger Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing

Genotyping & Gene Expression

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Genomics Services For Basic Research

We have the right service - Pick what you need

We offer a broad portfolio of genomic solutions and services for basic research. From commodity services such as DNA and RNA oligos and synthetic genes up to genotyping, next generation sequencing and transcriptomics.

We understand “Research” from many perspectives. Our experts team employs more than 80 PhD’s in all disciplines related to genomics or which make use of genomics. Including geneticists, plant and animal scientists, population geneticists, biochemists, chemists, veterinarians, medical doctors, bioinformaticians and other scientific disciplines.

Whatever project you plan - we can support you! Enjoy DNA services powered by Eurofins.

Compare us to other service providers! Be inspired by our unique combination of technologies and applications available at our DNA campus!

For your research project in academic, governmental and industrial environment we have the right service.

Choose from a wide-range of genomic services to let your project be crowned with success:

DNA & RNA Oligonucleotides

Select the optimum oligonucleotide service according to your requirements and application. Find out which primer is right for you!

  • Optimised Application Oligos (PCR, Sequencing, Cloning, qPCR, RAPD)
  • Customised DNA Oligos (with or without modification or for NGS applications)
  • Customised RNA Oligos (with or without modification)
  • Special Oligo Services (Property Scan, Design, Large Scale)

Custom DNA Sequencing

DNA sequencing services based on Sanger Sequencing for all your sequencing requirements

  • Single read sequencing
  • 96-well plate sequencing
  • Sequencing projects (e.g. GLP compliant sequencing, Re-sequencing, DNA Barcoding)

Next Generation Sequencing

Our next generation sequencing service is available on 5 different instruments which allow us to combine our best technologies to offer you the optimum solutions for your applications.

Our NGS services currently offer

  • Genome sequencing
  • Transcriptome sequencing
  • Resequencing & amplicons
  • Libraries & bioinformatics
  • NGS Favourites, e.g. 16S Microbiome Profiling

Gene Synthesis & Molecularbiology

In addition to our sequencing and oligo synthesis services, our portfolio is completed by a multitude of molecular biology services, that can be ordered easily and will be performed quickly and efficiently.

Our Gene Synthesis services include the production of standard up to complexe genes.

Our Molecularbiological Services covers plasmid preparation, Site directed mutagenesis and DNA cloning.

Genotyping and Gene Expression Services

You require a full genotyping or gene expression service, from platform selection and assay design to DNA extraction, genotyping or gene expression measurements and data analysis? Or do you want to outsource selected services and capacities?

We offer services on state of the art technologies for genotyping (SNPs, microsatellites/STRs, RFLP, CNVs, mtDNA variants etc.) and gene expression (single targets, specific gene sets, expression arrays, whole transcrptome) purposes.

Select what you need or ask us for tailored integrated solutions.