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The perfect Sanger Sequencing Primer - Optimised and validated to detect single base variants in DNA sequences


With our validated SeqPrimer, you can be sure to have the optimum primer quality for best sequencing results.



Highlights of our SeqPrimer:

Reproducible high sequence quality:

  • Accurate base detection & sequence interpretation
  • Zero background sequence
  • Sequences with highest possible trace score

Optimised & verified SeqPrimer criteria:

  • Average yields of 25 nmol (5 OD)
  • Primer lengths: 15-35 bases (non-defined ratio wobbles possible)
  • SeqPrimer purities of 90%
  • Unique quality criteria ensured by MALDI-TOF MS


Flexible delivery formats and fast TAT:

  • Dried down or liquid at selected concentration
  • Production in tube format in 1 working day
  • Production of up to 5 plates in 3-4 working days

Additional online features free of charge:






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Technical Information

SeqPrimer - Validated to detect single base variants in DNA sequences

Just because primers work in PCR does not mean they provide good sequencing results.

Standard end-point PCR is an exponential process. The primer quality is not crucial for amplification, when checking PCR products on an agarose gel.

In contrast, cycle sequencing reactions require a much higher level of primer quality independent of template type.

Mutations are commonly identified by PCR followed by direct sequencing of the PCR product. The primer quality is therefore even more critical when you want to detect or verify single base variants:

  • Genotyping by sequencing
  • Microsatellite analysis
  • Verification of SDM experiments


That means PCR primers should already have a very good quality when the same primers are used for sequencing the PCR product!

With our validated SeqPrimer, you can be sure to have the optimum primer quality to fulfil this requirement.

The SeqPrimer was developed in close cooperation with our experienced oligo synthesis and DNA sequencing team. It is specified based on a set of analytical quality criteria that were verified in thousands of sequencing reactions.

Standard primers and custom sequencing primers ordered along with DNA sequencing have the same stringent quality criteria.




Documents are provided in your online account free of charge:


  • Oligo synthesis report
  • Quality report incl. MALDI-TOF MS spectra
  • Delivery note














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Our products and services are produced and performed under strict quality management and quality assurance systems.

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