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Convenient & Cost-Effective.


Eurofins Genomics GeneStrands are double-stranded synthetic DNA delivered as fragments ready for cloning.








Applications & Background


Gene Fragments are especially useful in applications such as gene assembly, mutagenesis studies, and DNA enzyme assays. They are also an ideal choice for sequences that exhibit high levels of toxicity in host cells.


GeneStrands are priced considerably lower than synthesised gene constructs making them a convenient choice in the construction of libraries and assembly of synthons.



  • Sequence length between 20 - 2000 bp
  • Delivered dry as a dsDNA fragment (min. 200 ng)
  • Non-complex sequences only
  • Sanger sequence report upon request








Product Overview & Selected Publications


Ordering GeneStrands

Here we summarised all imporant information that you might need to know, when planning to order Gene Fragments.


Optimisation (optional)

Sequences of high complexity may prolong the overall turnaround time of delivery and in some extreme cases disqualify the sequence for delivery as a Gene Fragment. Luckily, Eurofins Genomics offers free optional sequence optimisation with its GeneStrands service, which has been shown to alleviate complexity over 90% of the time.

Try Our Free GENEius Optimisation Tool

Note: In order to optimise a given Gene Fragment sequence, an ORF needs to be present.

If you would like us to optimise your Gene Fragment please send your sequence to genes-eu[at]eurofins.com


Quality Assurance

All Gene Fragments are synthesised under the same meticulous conditions as our gene synthesis service. However, Gene Fragments are delivered as uncloned products, and as such the presence of minute populations of truncated or mutated species is unavoidable.

All Gene Fragments are assembled from high-quality oligonucleotides synthesised at our in-house DNA synthesis facility. Assembled fragments are then size confirmed via electrophoresis.

Sequence-verified Gene Fragments undergo DNA sequencing at our in-house sequencing facility. Sequence validation is of the entire pool, so the results obtained is a representation of the predominant sequence within the pool. Sequence verification is only possible for fragments ≥150 bp.

Eurofins Genomics routinely tests the mutation rate and quality of its synthesised Gene Fragments, and we have observed over 85% reliability of obtaining a correct clone if 6 or more colonies are picked and sequenced.


Delivery and Documentation

The synthetic linear dsDNA will be delivered as a fragment. The average turnaround time for GeneStrands up to 1000 bp is 5 - 7 working days; for GeneStrands > 1000 bp 8 - 10 working days.

If sequence validation is choosen: Electronic DNA sequencing data files will be delivered via Email.

We ensure strict confidentiality of every project. The high quality standard of our service is permanently assured by a professional quality management.




Customer feedback about our GeneStrands

Share your opinion with us by using our feedback sheet.

"Made a PCR from the 2kb fragment to include sections in a larger construct. Sequenced 4 clones. All had the correct insert. The gene fragment provided by Eurofins was simple to use and appeared error free after cloning and sequencing."
Jack Bates, LMU, Munich, Germany













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