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Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Gene Synthesis & Molecular Biology

Sanger Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing

Genotyping & Gene Expression

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Fastest Sanger sequencing with highest flexibility and top quality from experts in automated Sanger sequencing. For all type of sample material. Send us purified DNA or premixed samples (DNA & Primer) to test us.

We are certified!

Certified according to ISO 17025 and GLP.


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Customer Reviews

“Excellent turnaround time: from tube to results in less than 24 hours!”

It all starts with a question that is based on specific observations and/or measurement:
 - What is the structure of the DNA?

hypothesis is developed:
 - DNA has a helical structure.

Predictions are made that determine the consequences of the hypothesis:
 - If the structure of DNA is helical, X-ray diffraction pattern should be shaped like an X.

Subsequently, experiments are designed to test the hypothesis and predictions:
 - The famous Photo 51 showed an X-shape.

This entire process requires a large amount of resources and time can often be a limiting factor.

That is why Eurofins Genomics provides extremely quick and highly flexible Sanger sequencing, so researchers can concentrate on all the other aspects.

Test your cell culture for Mycoplasma contamination and receive the test results online within 48 hours after sample receipt. Prevent loss of cells, products and research time.

We are certified

Certified according to ISO 17025.


We send with UPS

All our products are shipped with our shipping partner UPS.


Customer Reviews

“Excellent turnaround time: from tube to results in less than 24 hours!”

Mycoplasma are bacteria that pose a major problem in cell cultures! They can alter the properties of cells (gene expression) that could lead to incorrect data interpretation, non-reproducible results and even misleading publications.

Mycoplasma are resistant to most antibiotics.
Mycoplasma are invisible under the light microscope.
Mycoplasma attach to cells, grow fast and compete for nutrient with the cells.


The only solution is to regularly test your cell culture for Mycoplasma contamination. With our ISO17025 accredited Mycoplasmacheck, you can prevent:

The loss of cells and entire cell cultures and products
The loss of research time and money
Additionally, Mycoplasma contaminations are a biosafety concern.


Test our Mycoplasmacheck for FREE and receive the test results for your cell line online within 48 hours after sample receipt.


Learn more about Mycoplasma in our material and methods section: Mycoplasma Contamination and Mycoplasma – A nearly unrecognisable contaminant with a high impact.