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INVIEW Transcriptome Bacteria



Obtain high quality mapping results and gene expression profiles for your prokaryotic samples.

INVIEW Transcriptome Bacteria is the best choice for all RNA-Seq projects from prokaryotic samples.










  • Ideally suited for all prokaryotes
  • Analysis of transcript levels from different samples
  • Mapping studies of bacteria



  • Strand-specific cDNA libraries for sequencing with Illumina's technology
  • 10 million paired-end reads guaranteed
  • Ideal for prokaryotic screening projects with high sample throughput
  • Well suited for comparison studies of bacterial gene expression








Product Specifications & Ordering


Starting material

Accepted starting material 


  • Total RNA from various sources
  • rRNA-depleted total RNA

Please note that only S1-classified material is accepted for RNA isolation ordered online. More information about the current rules for classifying biological material can be found here. Please contact us for further information on isolating RNA from material classified as S2.

Library types

Standard prokaryotic library. Random hexamer primers are used for cDNA synthesis.


Sequencing specifications

  • Illumina
  • 150 bp paired reads
  • 10 million paired reads guaranteed
  • Additional data packages available


Bioinformatics analysis

  • Semi-automatic mapping against one reference
  • Identification of potential exon-exon splice junctions
  • Identification and quantification of transcripts
  • Merging of identified pieces to full-length transcripts
  • Transcript annotation based on known annotations
  • Determination of expression levels
  • Pairwise comparison of expression levels and determination of significant fold differences
  • Detection and annotation of SNPs and InDels
  • Annotation of detected SNPs and InDels that are registered in dbSNP
  • Allocation of protein-level effects that are registered in Ensembl




  • Alignment file (BAM)
  • Gene expression table including FPKM value (tsv)
  • Combined gene expression table of all samples (tsv)
  • Table of top genes expressed (tsv)
  • Table of pairwise differential gene expression including foldchange and p-value (tsv)
  • Table of genes expressed differently between pairs (tsv)
  • SNP and InDel tables including annotated variants and effects (vcf, tsv, bed)
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis Report (.pdf)


Delivery time

15 days for up to 192 samples
20 days for up to 400 samples













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