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SupremeRun Barcodes

Prepaid barcodes for the SupremeRun services

Prepaid barcodes offers access to established logistics, automated workflows and easy sample tracking throughout the entire process.

All barcodes are interchangeable between researchers. Just select your required quantity and click "Add to Cart".



SupremeRun Tube Barcodes  

Receive results next working day.

  • Green prepaid sample barcodes
  • For plasmids & PCR fragments
  • Incl. yellow primer barcodes 
  • Free pick up from a DropBox 
  • Results next business day 

SupremeRun 96 Barcodes

For the SupremeRun 96 Service

  • Green prepaid  barcode label
  • For plasmids & PCR fragments
  • Free pick up from a DropBox 
  • Results next business day
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