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Cloning Service

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Eurofins Genomics’ cloning services includes TA cloning, cloning of full length cDNA or PCR products, synthetic genes or subcloning of vector inserts.

By default we will classify your project as "standard cloning" service. After submitting your order or quote our team will check your project and if you submitted an order for a complex cloning service (which leads to higher costs) we will contact you immediately.

Settings for our standard cloning service are:
  • Subcloning of a standard insert (200 – 6,000 bp) or PCR product into a high-copy standard E. coli compatible vector (max. 7000 bp)
  • Subcloning via two different sticky end restriction enzymes
  • Biosafety level 1

Please be aware that the following options are not available for mini and midi prep
  • Endotoxin-free preparation
  • Sterile preparation
  • Animal-free preparation
  • Bioburden test
  • LAL test

Cloning Service Order Form

Target Vector Information open / close
Vector name
Antibiotic Resistance
Vector Size [bp]
Copy Number Information
Complete vector sequence
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Biosafety Level

Endotoxin-Free Prep


Animal-free Prep (only with Maxi Prep)

Bioburden / Sterility Testing

Endotoxin Testing (LAL)

Insert Information open / close
Insert name
DNA sequence of the insert
Upload of data
Donor Vector details
Size of the final contruct
Restriction sites (5')
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