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DNA Sequencing Expertise

Eurofins Genomics has contributed to advancing the DNA sequencing field for decades. As one of Europe’s early sequencing service provider, the company holds enormous experience in all sequencing-related matters. Eurofins Genomics has evolved into a trusted DNA sequencing service provider with a certified product portfolio that helps drive ground-breaking research into genomics and molecular biology. By combining solid biological knowledge and technical capabilities with innovative ideas, the company has managed to claim, and more importantly, maintain the top spot as the leading sequencing services provider in Europe.


Sequencing expertise

Next-generation sequencing (NGS)

Eurofins Genomics’ multiplatform approach provides customers with limitless possibilities for exploring the genome. The highly flexible strategies can be adjusted to suit any number of samples, sample type, research objective and project budget. Eurofins Genomics has demonstrated expertise in all aspects of the NGS workflow, from optimised processes for library preparation to skilled use of leading sequencing technologies to professional bioinformatics (Bio-IT) analysis of all sequencing data.


Our NGS solutions enable applications such as:


Sanger sequencing

Eurofins Genomics offers Sanger sequencing with maximum flexibility and exceptionally fast turnaround times. Our Sanger sequencing services are built on automation, customer service responsiveness and commitment to the highest quality standards. Our ability to find tailored logistics solutions help simplify and accelerate results for both high- and low-throughput projects.
Years of experience in Sanger sequencing have culminated in optimum workflow efficiency, which helps satisfy a wide range of research goals.


Some of our Sanger sequencing capabilities include:


Quality control solutions

Eurofins Genomics also offers a non-sequencing solution for PCR-based Mycoplasma detection in cell culture. Demonstrating the company’s research-oriented nature, Eurofins Genomics is the provider for a unique service that helps guarantee cell culture purity and the validity of cell biology research. This includes the authentication of human cell lines required by peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Company milestones

In 1990, the headquarter of Eurofins Genomics has been establishes. The company has managed to accumulate an impressive repertoire of achievements in the field of DNA sequencing since then. Read the whole history at The-DNA-Universe blog.

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