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23/02/2017 Ebersberg, Germany
The EXTREmer oligonucleotides are extremely long oligos up to 200 bases and synthesised to achieve a maximum sequence error rate below 0.09%. [read more]
29/10/2014 Ebersberg, Germany and Chicago IL, USA,
Eurofins Genomics and Igenbio provide tailored services for sequencing and analysis of various organisms. [read more]
21/10/2014 Ebersberg, Germany
Merger of Eurofins Genomics and VBC-Biotech into Austria to further grow the business in Europe. [read more]
01/10/2014 Ebersberg, Germany
Market entry of Eurofins Genomics in Italy with own subsidiary to further grow the business in Europe [read more]
13/08/2014 Ebersberg, Germany
ISO17025 accreditation to consistently offer valid results for testing in the fields of veterinary medicine, pharmaceuticals, food and animal feed, commodities and health care. [read more]
15/07/2014 Ebersberg, Germany
Eurofins Genomics, international market leader in genomic services, has signed a two year contract with Lund University as one of several preferred suppliers for oligonucleotides on the recently awarded framework contract. [read more]
01/07/2014 Ebersberg, Germany
Joint expertise to provide custom services for in vitro transcribed (IVT) single-stranded (ss) and double-stranded (ds) RNAs and for functional synthetic mRNAs. [read more]
15/05/2014 Ebersberg, Germany
UK Shared Business Services Limited selects Eurofins Genomics as preferred supplier for oligonucleotides and DNA sequencing services. [read more]
Eurofins brings together the expertise of MWG Operon and edigenomix under a new global brand, Eurofins Genomics, to provide seamless best-in-class genomics services worldwide [read more]
06/02/2014 Ebersberg, Germany
Global genomics service provider announces debut of next generation sequencing online shop. [read more]
23/01/2014 Ebersberg, Germany
Leading NGS service company joins Life Technologies’ global network of next generation-based exome sequencing provider. [read more]
17/12/2013 Espoo, Finland and Ebersberg, Germany
Eurofins Medigenomix to develop and market testing services utilizing SIBA technology [read more]
New genetic tools for differentiating “identical” twins. [read more]
10/12/2013 Ebersberg, Germany
Eurofins’ Genomics and Forensics laboratories develop first twin DNA test for forensic and paternity testing. [read more]
06/06/2013 Ebersberg, Germany and Portland, OR, USA
Joint expertise in next generation sequencing and genomic services for RAD-Seq. [read more]
03/06/2013 Ebersberg, Germany
Eurofins Genomics, the genomics division of Eurofins Scientific, the global leader in bio-analytical testing, announces the acquisition of Entelechon GmbH. Entelechon is a globally operating provider of gene synthesis, serving the pharmaceutical industry as well as academic and public research institutes. [read more]
31/05/2013 Huntsville (AL), USA
Eurofins is the Only Overnight DNA Sequencing Provider to Have All Sequencing Laboratory Sites Functioning by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 Standards [read more]
24/04/2013 Huntsville (AL), USA
New configuration of the highly-successful SimpleSeq Service for pre-mixed reactions is securely linked to customer account. No order forms when submitting samples for service. [read more]
20/03/2013 Huntsville (AL), USA
New Express Service for Synthetic Genes is Fastest Advertised Delivery in the Industry [read more]
14/03/2013 Ebersberg, Germany
Cooperation agreement on the genome sequencing analysis of Ash applying latest hybrid de novo sequencing strategy. [read more]
12/03/2013 Ebersberg, Germany
SmartSeq is the most convenient and innovative prepaid solution for analysing premixed samples with Sanger sequencing. [read more]
05/03/2013 Ebersberg, Germany
Using Convey HC-2 ex system, Eurofins offers customers faster next generation sequencing and assembly of larger genomes. [read more]
Eurofins Scientific (EUFI.PA), the global leader in bio-analytical testing, and one of the global market leaders in genomic services, announces the acquisition of AROS Applied Biotechnology A/S (AROS), a leading provider of genomic solutions in Europe, serving the pharmaceutical industry, as well as academic and public research institutes. [read more]
Eurofins Scientific (EUFI.PA), the global leader in food and feed testing, announces that it has recently increased its testing capacity to detect horse meat in meat products by reallocating some of the equipment from its other lines of molecular testing. [read more]
08/11/2012 Luxembourg
Eurofins ranks 1st in value creation compared to all 280 companies listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since September 1997 [read more]
04/09/2012 Ebersberg, Germany
Illumina HiSeq 2500 and Illumina MiSeq added to sequencers fleet to offer superior NGS services. [read more]
05/10/2011 Ebersberg, Germany and Mount Prospect, IL, USA
Eurofins Genomics and Integrated Genomics have announced a cooperation agreement to combine their expertise in sequencing and analysis services for microbial, fungal and algal organisms. [read more]
11/07/2011 Petaluma, California, USA
Eurofins Genomics DNA sequencing facility in the San Francisco area. [download]
17/01/2011 Ebersberg, Germany
RCUK Shared Services Centre Ltd SelectsEurofins Genomics as preferred supplier for DNA sequencing services. [download]
08/07/2010 Ebersberg, Germany
Eurofins Genomics and Genomatix Software GmbH join forces to offer state-of-the art solutions for comprehensive genome analysis and re-sequencing project services. [read more]