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Eurofins Genomics' Sequencing Primer Design Tool is using Prime+ of the GCG Wisconsin Package originally written by Irv Edelman.

The design tool analyses the entered DNA sequence and chooses the optimum forward or reverse sequencing primers. In selecting the appropriate primers, all optimum primer parameters are considered and taken as default for the design.

Target Sequence
Copy & paste the target sequence from an external source. DNA sequence information as well as FASTA sequences (starting with an ">" followed by the name) are possible. Line breaks and blank spaces are allowed. The template sequence may contain ambiguous bases, but the design tool will not select primers complementary to any ambiguous sites on the template sequence.

Design Parameters
Choose the sequencing direction first. The terms forward primer and reverse primer are used in the design tool and in the result output.

Click on the "Design Primers" button to get the specified number of appropriate sequencing primers.

The results are scored according to the best predicted performance criteria. Selected primers can directly be saved in your shopping cart and ordered either as SeqPrimer product or as primer synthesis along with your sequencing order.

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